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About Us

We are one of the leading E&M engineering companies in Hong Kong, providing a comprehensive range of E&M engineering services, and we also have well-established E&M engineering operations in the PRC and Macau. With over 40 years of operating history, we have developed substantial expertise as an E&M engineering service provider, and we have built up a strong network with well-established clients and main contractors who are often engaged in large-scale projects of major property developers and other blue-chip companies in Hong Kong. Through our consistent efforts, we have gained strong market recognition.

Our E&M engineering services include installation works for construction projects as well as maintenance services for buildings and facilities which have been completed. We provide a comprehensive range of E&M engineering services, under the trade names of "Far East Engineering Services Ltd", "Young’s Engineering Co Ltd" and "Majestic Engineering Co Ltd" in Hong Kong and Macau and "豐盛機電工程有限公司" and "景福機電安裝工程(上海)有限公司" in the PRC, which include design, contracting and installation, testing and commissioning as well as operation and maintenance of (i) air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation system, (ii) fire service system; (iii) plumbing and drainage system; and (iv) electrical and ELV system.

In addition to E&M engineering services, we are also engaged in the provision of trading and retail sales of building materials, which we consider as complementary to our E&M engineering service, and provide us with further growth opportunities.We believe that all of our operations are underpinned and supported by an integrated management and control system, strong networks of well-established customers and suppliers and an experienced and well-trained workforce.