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Environmental Concern

In delivering our E&M engineering works, we aim to ensure that all services are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe that a successful environment management is important for us to meet customers’ demand in environment protection and to ensure healthy growth and sustainable development of our business. In this connection, we have set up environmental management system to promote environmental awareness and to prevent pollution of the environment.

Our environmental management system currently in place was accredited by HKQAA with ISO14001 certification. Some of our environmental protection measures include:

  • determining what activities may result in significant impact to the environment and ensure that those significant environmental aspects are taken into account in establishing, implementing and maintaining our environmental management system;
  • ensuring that we are committed to regulatory compliance and comply with industry best practices from an environmental perspective in undertaking our activities; and
  • taking into consideration the legal and other requirements, the significant environmental aspects, technological, financial, operational and other business requirements when establishing and reviewing our environmental objectives so that they are consistent with a commitment to pollution prevention.